"Every time I eat your food — it’s so flavorful and it’s so nutritious — I feel like a new man!”

~ Dr. Gonzalez

What you eat today matters

Positive Eating

We will explore a healthy and deep connection with food and you'll discover the right kind of food that we put into our bodies.

Gluten Free

Not only are these recipes gluten free and dairy free, but there are absolutely no processed sugars in any of the recipes.

Over 80 Recipes

Each of these recipes were hand-selected by me and specifically chosen with you in mind. for my FIRST EVER Cookbook.

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Amber’s food is Orgasmic. Plain and Simple. One bite of basically anything she makes has my salivary glands erupting in a tizzy and my mind trying to figure out how this could taste so good AND be good for me. But, I’ve stopped trying to figure it out and just TRUST that her ATTENTION to the details makes her INTENTION of creating nourishing, delicious, and yes, sexy food a staple in my life. I’ve upgraded my personal cooking by learning her tricks of the trade and use her recipes with my family, friends, to help in my mom’s cancer remission, and with my hubby. Chef Amber’s food transformed my relationship with how decadent “healthy” food can make me feel.

Dolly Josette, Intimacy & Relationship Coach

I can not say enough about Chef Amber's food. I am a very selective eater and there has not been one thing of hers that I have not liked. From her protein balls, to her gnocchi (that I would swear is pasta), to her bison meatballs, clean salmon and tahini chocolate cake! Chef Amber is hands down my favorite Chef; she has me enjoying food that I can trust is healthy for my body and tastes delicious at the same time! I truly wish I could have her in my home cooking for me daily!

Amy Lloyd, Founder CEO of A+ Solutions