3 Week Coaching Program

HUNGRY FOR CHANGE - 3 weeks intensive group Coaching 

Creating a life without deprivation.


Course description:


This 3 week intensive course is for you if you are stuck in a cycle of compulsive dieting, if you self numb with food or sugar, if you can not control  your sugar cravings, if you deprive yourself of your favorite foods, if you have learned to believe you are not loveable because of the number on the scale and if you crave a healthy relationship with food but still struggle with emotional and disordered eating.  If you want to learn how to start to have a healthy relationship with food and your body, then join me on this 3 week journey!




1hr Zoom group workshop incl. Q&A + Bonus Q&A per week (6 calls total)



  • 3 weeks:  2 calls a week; Mondays 1 hour call; Thursdays bonus call Q & A
  • Calls will be an hour and recorded
  • First Monday call will be Monday 28th and last call will be Thursday April 14th
  • Pricing $275 (Early bird $225)
  • Unlimited access to private facebook group and support
  • No pdf.  Everyone should come with a journal and pen to take notes and questions for takeaways
  • Week 1:  Emotional eating, sugar cravings, why self numb with sugar?  What emotions are you stuffing?
  • Week 2:  End the cycle of Chronic dieting ( restricting, binging, fasting).  Why are you stuck in a cycle of chronic dieting?
  • Week 3:  Body positivity, obsession with the scale, faith and spiritual practices